White Lightning

Red nose pitbull puppies from White Lightning are very agile and loving

White Lightning and Zephyr are siblings. They are both from TBo and Second. The breeding of TBo to Second produced very loving/caring dogs. White Lightning is no exception to that. In fact she is extremely in tune with her “humans” and has the nick name of “medicine dog” because she has to try and take care of someone if they are hurt. As well, she is vocal. This breed does not bark to much, however White Lightning talks mare “smack” than any dog I have ever heard. If I yell something to someone, or a dog, she likes to chime in and say something as well. When I let her outside I can just hint that I want her to “speak” and she will just start a talking. Again, its very funny. Our line of red nose American Pit Bull Terriers has lots of personality. This is part of the reason we do not breed for one certain color, or form. Our dogs can be a light red color and more lengthy like White Lightning, or they can be a darker red color with a more “square” frame like Rambler and Maple. Its all about the attitude because we already know they have the athleticism of the real pitbull. We have traditional red nose pitbull puppies with style.