As red nose pitbull breeders we are extremely happy to have “Pandora the Second” in our pedigree. She was the most loving and agile dog from our AI litter heavy in Bass Tramp Redboy

Second is from Double Time and Escobedo. As red nose pitbull breeders, we were wanting to add some Bass Tramp Redboy to the line in order to make sure we keep that endless “wind” the pure bred American Pit Bull Terrier is known for. After speaking with Escobedo’s owner Jason, I decide to go with Esco as the outcross in order to bring Redboy into our Sorrells based line. Jason was saying Escobedo was his largest dog, however because of him being so well behaved, he was the one red nose Pit Bull male that was allowed to be in the house.

Even as a puppy Second was the most loving and agile one of her litter. She is a very smart water dog. All of the puppies from Second have been extra loving. Second is named after her grandma Pandora after all (“Pandora the Second). Pandora was so loving she groomed cats and tried to nurse a baby boy.

When feeding your Red Nose Pitbull, not your little Pitbull puppies, I recommended a fish oil supplement. Add one vitamin capsule of human grade fish oil to the dogs food one time a day. Your pitbulls coat will shine. The fish will also help increase blood circulation. This, in turn, keeps your ADBA registered Old Family Red Nose from running to hot on his long exercising routines. When trying to win Best Old Family Red Nose you must have your Pitbull in top shape.

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