Rupert is the little brother and littermate to our big dog Thaylen. He one of our small pitbull studs

Rupert is from CH Trailer Trash and Pandora. He will never weigh more than 45-50 lbs. He is a quality line bred combination of Sorrells and Woods APBTs’. As dog breeders in California, we know the importance of keeping the traditional APBT size of dogs available. Rupert is a small red nose American Pitbull compared to his brother Thaylen. Both brothers are wonderful pitbull studs. Their puppies are all heart.

Rupert is a very happy family dog. He lives with his owner Bruce, his wife, two children and another dog. Bruce can not get over what a bright and well behaved American Pitbull Terrier he has. If you are ever able to get a hold of The American Dog Breeders Association (ADBA) Pit Bull Gazette, take a look at the photos they have. Some of the OFRN Pit Bull pictures will look like Rupert our American Pitbull Terrier open for Public Stud. Our Pit Bulls with some OFRN lines come from Sorrells, Garners, Crenshaw’s and Woods Pit Bulls. All of the pit bull puppies for sale in Ruperts litter were is perfect conformation. We are some of the best dog breeders of the APBT in California. If you are looking for pitbull studs with Sorrells, Garners, Woods and Crenshaw’s lines, you have found it.