Pitbull Puppies For Sale

Our Puppies Go To Good Homes OnlyRambler was bred to Loki. Puppies are due around April 3rd.

When breeding the traditional American Pit Bull Terrier, you must have traditional American Pit Bull Terrier bloodlines. When you keep your dogs pure, they are more likely to be extremely athletic, human friendly and smart.

We move our line forward while using old blood. Our newest addition has Old Family Reds all through his pedigree. Loki is made up of mainly Corvino and Hemphill. He has that fun and playful attitude we breed for. After giving Loki quite a bit of praise “telling him what a good dog he is”, he ran by me, jumped up in the air and bumped his back end aginst my upper leg in order to say thank you for the praise/along with a big hello. These are the kind of human friendly traits that keep Pit Bull owners laughing and in love with the breed. Another wonderful trait is how they do not bark too much, but are vocal.

Being super athletic and light on his feet, the breeding of Loki to our more boxy shaped Rambler will produce dogs that would fit in just fine 100 years ago. If you were to take a black and white photo of one of the dogs they produce, stamp it with a date from a hundred years ago, it would look normal.