TBo, the red pitbull, is a little guy who is very athletic

TBo is registered “Lightfoot” for a reason. He is from Rupert and Double Time. Rupert is a smaller pitbull and is the reason why TBo is a little red pitbull.

If you have not paid attention to your Pitbulls weight, take a look at him from a somewhat objective perspective ask yourself “Is my American Pit Bull Terrier fat?”. If so, do something about it. Dogs need plenty of exercise (especially the Pitbull) and limited food. Do not free feed your APBT. This is true even if you can afford to pay for all of the food your red nose Pitbull puppies and dogs can eat. The American Pit Bull Terrier does better slightly under fed than slightly over fed. Like humans, the American Pit Bull Terrier lives longer and is healthier on a limited caloric diet. In 1996 ADBA had an article in their “The Pit Bull Gazette” on page 55 titled “Do You Want You, and Your APBT to Live Longer?” By Bob Stevens. In this article it is stated that an older Pitbull studs need less protein. Not only that, but excess protein and calories actually has a negative effect on older red pitbull Studs. The American public has actually been brain washed: protein is equated with good health to the extent that “more is better”. Wrong. More is toxic. It weakens the kidneys, weakens the immune system and bombards the body with aging free radicals. Older dogs (as well as people) need – no, let me say -must- have far less protein. If they are sedate, if they do not lead active lives, their bodies should consume even less protein. Most modern research, concurs with this, i.e. TINCO, 1992. I should mention some older research (Wannemacher and McCoy, 1966) indicated old dogs actually require up to 50% -more- protein than young adult dogs. The 1966 research was conducted when protein was the rage.You can bet when young, Crenshaw’s CH Honeybunch and Crenshaws CH Rascal had plenty of protein. It was not uncommon for American Pit Bull Puppies ans OFRN stud dogs to consume an entire raw chicken, bones and all.

Using fresh meat, raw vegetables, cereal, supplemented vitamin/minerals, and herbs is the way to go for super health of your red pitbull Stud (and some would say for your American Pit Bull Puppies as well). Live enzymes contained only in raw veggies and fresh meat is the name of the game for red nose Pitbull puppies and any OFRN stud. For people, fresh meat is not a good idea because we don’t get wormed. For old school greats like Crenshaw’s CH Honeybunch and Crenshaws CH Rascal, raw meat was where it was at for huge gains in strength and drive. Studies have shown that mice fed a caloric restricted, nutrient rich diet, lead longer and healthier lives. “Mice fed very small but nutrient rich diets stayed very skinny. But they had far more physical and mental energy as older mice and lived significantly longer. To their surprise, researchers found that mice fed nearly starvation diets lived even longer (again, providing the food was concentrated with high nutrients -vitamins, minerals, enzymes, etc).” At first glance by the untrained eye, traditional Pitbulls like Crenshaws CH Rascal and Crenshaw’s CH Honeybunch may look to skinny. The Pitbulls that you are able to see ribs on are also the the ones able to pull thousands of punds in weight pull events (or, back in the day, win matches). Pitbulls like Crenshaw’s CH Honeybunch and Crenshaws CH Rascal were bred to be lean and to be able to move quickly. We are happy to be able to offer Thaylen as our Pitbull Stud. He has a lean frame like a red Pitbull stud should have. I saw on TV information about the longevity of humans on a near starving, or caloric restricted diet. In the news program it was stated that a diet low in calories allows people to live longer lives. It was funny. The reporters came to the conclusion that even if a diet restricted in calories did not make you live longer, it would feel like it (being hungry all of the time – ha ha). Yes, there is a yin yang. A balance if you will. Just keep in mind. Keep your APBT lean.