Lightfoot Jr.

TJ, Lightfoot Jr, has had red nose pitbull puppies that are super affectionate

TJ, reg. name Light Foot Jr., is a very friendly red nose APBT. His sire is TBo and his dame is Dottie. Here at Humboldt Pit Bulls, we have the genetics of the old school American Pit Bull Terrier all squared away. For us, its all about breeding for the best temperament. TJ showed himself to epitomize this. He is the result of breeding only APBTs’ with the best attitude possible. The old saying goes “attitude is everything”. This could not be more true when keeping the pure bred red nose American Pit Bull Terrier alive. A pup from TJ, Chisel II, is the most loving pitbull I have ever seen. Again, with the athleticism all squred away from the best genetics, we breed for temperament first.