History of Humboldt Pit Bulls

Humboldt Pit Bulls-Perfecting Our Own Line of Red Nose Pitbulls from: Sorrells, Garners, Crenshaws, Woods and Redboy to Create Show Quality APBTs’ with Working Ability

The red nose American Pit Bull Terriers’ that we have come from proven blood lines, are show quality and have super confirmation. Their best quality is their temperament! The pedigree is a quality combination of Sorrell’s, Garners, Crenshaws and Woods Snooty. Our last outcross we added Bass Tramp Redboy up-close and personal to ensure that endless “wind” the APBT is known for. After the introduction of the Redboy blood we took our time to breed to the most loving /nanny dogs that have our house dog feel. Cypress ,or Cupressus (registered name), is certified to have good quality hips with no sign of desplacia by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA# PBT-245G29F-PI).

One of the pitbull pictures the ADBA used from our line was turned into a magnet. The magnet was given to every attendee at the American Dog Breeders Association (ADBA) convention in March 2003 in Las Vegas. Cypress is a proud momma in the photo the ADBA used for a magnet. Later Double Time had a litter and Cypress helped her take care of the puppies. Below is Cypress taking care of her grand-pups from Double Time. Second is under Cypress’ chin on her right and Game Face is the dark red puppy on Second’s left (kind of squished).

Three pitbull puppies from Cypressus’ litter were used to make a character education film by Morse Media for “First 5 California” (see above photo). This three minute film was played on FOX, Nickelodeon, The Family Channel, Animal Planet and the Cartoon Network. As dog breeders dedicated to keeping the APBT in a good image, we accepted no payment. The ADBA’s American Pit Bull Terrier Gazette has a picture of a litter from Cypress on the front cover of their Spring 2003 issue. We breed our dogs for temperament first. Each one is a well behaved intelligent red nose pitbull.

As pitbull breeders, we create the APBT that is still capable of climbing 13′ up a redwood tree in order to get one of their “Kong chew toys”. Of course our red nose pitbull’s for sale are natural swimmers (see video below to watch Pandora swim with seals). Unlike some other pitbulls for sale, our dogs are not bred for monstrous size. The traditional weight for the APBT is not 100 plus pounds!

Humboldt Pit Bulls’ breeding program began in the late 90s’ in Northern California. The foundation dogs Chisel and Cypress were purchased in The San Francisco area. Chisel and Cypress are two American Pit Bull Terriers that were a match made in heaven. The pitbull puppies they produced were used on cover of The American Dog Breeders Association Gazette (ADBA), as well as their 2003 calendar.

Check out the pitbull video of our pup Pandora, from Cypress and Chisel, swimming with seals in Humboldt California. The perfect watch dog, Pit Bulls do not needlessly bark. They speak up only if something out of the ordinary is going on. The perfect family dog, the Pitbull Terrier has been carefully bred to be very patient with humans. The fun-loving caring character of my dogs and puppies has won over many people who because of the “Headline Mentality” were fearful and disliked the APBT breed. We are proud to have red nose pit bull puppies for sale in California with Woods, Sorrells, Garners and Crenshaw bloodlines. These old breeders helped to create the APBT of today. Along with all of the useful information found on HumboldtPitBulls.Com about the red nose pitbull, you may want to look at one or two sites we like.

One of the pitbull puppies from Cypress and Chisel’s litter won “Best Old Family Red Nose”. Another red nose APBT from us took first place at the ADBA dog show located at The Dalles OR in 2004. The Dalles Park was where the American pit dog show took place. There is ample camping at the Park. Mountains and rolling hills are abound with plenty of hiking trails. Basically, its a great place to watch a dog show and weight pulling event. If you have not seen a weight pilling event, you are missing out. The American Pit Bull Terrier is a weight pulling machine. Just check out You Tube and watch some videos of them in action. Add key words like “pitbulls red nose” to see a red nose APBT in action.

Each pitbull dog pulls weight different. Some will go from left to right as they are pulling. Some will pull in spurts and then slow down. Some dogs will be walking in air as the owner is placing him at the starting point. And, now and then, some will not pull at all.

Well, back the the story of our Pit Bull kennel (its more of a strain of dogs, we do not keep any dogs in pitbull kennels). At the Oregon dog show there were these little red-nosed APBTs’. They were between 35 and about 40 lbs. I was amazed at the little guys. They were all very good looking and well behaved. Dave, from Miles of Bulls Kennels, was well known in The Dalles during their dog shows. He had been going to the ADBA shows (and winning) for years. Its been 30 years since Dave first started breeding the American Pit Bull Terrier. He has made many friends in the “dog world”. Dave once said that if he could, he would just travel the US and go to American Pit Bull Terrier dog shows meeting people and showing his dogs. All of Dave’s 30 years of experience went into the creation of his stud dog Champion Trailer Trash. He is a traditional looking red nose pitbull. This Red Nose American Pit Bull Terrier is one of a kind. In order to create Trailer, Dave took his lines and added the best ADBA registered Show lines and Pull lines. The combination speaks for itself.

“Grand Champion” Scruffy (above) was a great American Pit Bull Terrier. He lived up to the expectations that his forefathers left for him. He won in the only ring that these dogs should currently be in, the show ring. I have great respect for the ancestors of Scruffy and all of the other pure bred American Pit Bull Terriers, however the athleticism that these dogs grace us with should not be used in dog fighting! This is an important part of their PAST, not the present or future. Now I feel these dogs should be able to use their gameness in swimming with seals as well as climbing trees. The breeds genetic willingness to keep going is perfect for runners or cyclists. And if you want a dog to play fetch with. Look out, they will (to quote a phrase about a certain bunny) just keep going and going and going. “Live to Fetch and Fetch to Live”. “Grand Champion Scruffy” was the result of Keith and Bonnie Williams’ breeding program. These two have worked with the American Pit Bull Terrier breed for many years, rarely having a pitbull for sale.

The top half (sire) of “Grand Champion” Scruffy is Williams’ Champion Eightball.
Eightball is a pitbull terrier that is almost entirely from Morris Carvers’ bloodlines (almost every pure breed APBT has some of Morris Carvers dogs in them). Eightball
has some super pitbulls in his pedigree. He has plenty of Woods Snooty in him as well as some Crenshaws “CH” Honeybunch. The dame for Scruffy was Williams’ “Champion” Meika. She, like Eightball, is pitbull terrier heavy on the Woods’ and Garners’. They were quite the match.

Victorino’s Rebels Red Ace has been photographed in perfect form. This dog is a specimen of the American Pit Bull Terrier that our ancestors intended. Talk about
a red, red nose (this refers to the nose color and hair color, as well as the color of eyes and toenails). He is pure red with just a little white on his chest. Victerino has bred great APBTs’. I am thankful that he let my favorite dog of all of the dogs he produced (Rebels Red Ace) breed with Dave’s little red, red nose (Freckles). “Grand Champion I Ace of Ace” Victorino’s Rebels Red Ace was featured in the centerfold of The American Dog Breeders Association (ADBA) Pit Bull Gazette in the Fall 2005 Issue. Thanks Victorino’s! Ok, Trailer is super. That’s not the end of the story. Enter Pandora. Chisel and Cypress had a dominate female pitbull puppy. She was so smart that if someone came by to look at pit bull puppies for sale, Pandora would run into the house so she would not be “picked”. I told her she would stay with me and gave her the nick name “stayen”. Pandora has eyes that will look deep into your soul.

She was a beautiful pit bull puppy that was agile with great form. Pandora reminded me of her dad Chisel. Both Pandora and her dad took several years to fill out. When
young, the American pitbull tends to stay slender. As they get older, the APBT is better off under fed than over fed. Yep, Pandora was similar to her dad. Big “tigers eye” colored eyes, a long Terrier frame (super for swimming, climbing trees and running) and a huge heart (wanting nothing more than to play, preferably with children). The APBT loves the playful, high energy of children. Pandora is one of the sweetest dogs that ever walked the Earth. Her bark when watching the house would not let you know that. She sounds like her dad Chisel. Pandora would make a good hunting dog. She has only had a couple of run ins’ with a skunk, but she has the nose and the drive of a good hunting/tracking dog.

Trailer and Pandora had one hell of a litter of pitbull puppies for sale. They were born on 6-06-06. Addy, one of their puppies, went to San Francisco with a lady
who works with children. Guess who gets to come and visit with the Kids?
Addy the red-nosed American Pit Bull Terrier. Yes, the vicious (just kidding) breed loves children. A male from Pandora and Trailer went to a close friend of mine. I stood back and did not influence his decision at all. Perfect! The puppy that I wanted him to choose, chose him (the puppy chose the owner). Enter Thaylen. Boom!

Thaylen has the attitude of Chisel and Cypress. Look out. He just wants to go out and have fun. One of his favorite past times is to climb way up trees to get a stick. Watch the Pit Bull video. That dog just loves climbing Coastal Redwood stumps. I told his owner that if I was to stop breeding right then and there, I would be happy with what I had done in creating Thaylen. Talk about smart. Nothing gets past Thaylen.

Or how about the famous APBT trait of “talking”? This dog (like most pure bred APBTs’) has a whole wide range of barks. This is their way of speaking. Thaylen is a natural stud dog. At 11 months of age a vet tested him for his sperm count. The vet had never seen an 11 month old dog have that high of a sperm count.

Thaylen was the creation of an out-cross . He is the one pup that displayed to
the fullest extent all of the true qualities of the traditional APBT (both physically and mentally). Don’t’ get me wrong, all of the pups turned out to be everything a red nose American Pit Bull Terrier should be. It is just that Thaylen, like Pandora, was dominate over his litter mates (never mean, just the regulator, or father figure). He had a little more physical capability than his siblings. Thaylen had the widest shoulders of his siblings (not that I breed for that trait, but it just toped him off perfectly). As far as his attitude, he was always one of my favorites. Thaylen just has a silly demeanor about him. He is just a human boy stuck in a dogs body.

If you look into the three main types of breeding 1) inbreeding,
2) linebreeding (a form of inbreeding) and 3) out-crossing, you will find that doing an out-cross is the only way to introduce a fresh gene pool into a breeding program. If the body types are similar, an out-cross may create a some what stable line. However, in general, an outcross is the first step to creating a new “line” of dogs (or any animals for that matter, for instance horses). The next step is to tighten back up gene pool again. This may be done by line breeding or inbreeding. It is not recommended to inbreed unless you are a skilled breeder who has a vast knowledge of biology and DNA. Inbreeding is very similar to linebreeding. The most inportant consideration is the “inbreeding coefficient” (percentage of blood from the ancestors) and the overall genetic health of the sire and dame. All animals have been inbred at one time or another, this is how breeds have been created and stabilized throughout history. Hidden genes are exposed by inbreeding and are “brought to the top” in order to be identified and removed by breeding only the animals that do not posses the defective trait.

OK, the biology lesson is over. In order to stabilize our new line of red nose
American Pit Bull Terriers
, we needed to do some line breeding, to the out cross that I had done. Thaylen is an out cross because his parents Pandora and Trailer have no ancestors’ related to each other with in the first 5 generations. I choose to breed Cypress to Thaylen. This is a line breeding of grandmother to grandson. By doing this my “new line” was well on the way to being stabilized. I now have added the super cut form of Dave’s dog Trailer to my larger more ranch style dogs. Enter “Little” (Thaylen and Cypresses’ pup).

Wa la!!!!!!

And there is still room in the gene pool for a for a future line breeding with “G/C” Scruffy lines with out the blood lines becoming to close, or inbred. The future breedings of red-nosed American Pit Bull Terriers’ will have some similar grandparents (more line breeding), as well as some inbreeding (in order to keep the gene pool tight – always keeping an eye on the inbreeding coefficient). As the great dog man Bert Sorrells once said “breed’em tight, breed’em right”. If you have any questions about breeding, just ask. Please be aware, there is little money (if any) in breeding animals. The life long care of the animal that you are breeding is in your hands, if you breed, be ready for a huge commitment!!