Any APBT for sale from Ghost has been very intutive and engaging. Our stud dog from Ghost is named Gucci. His ADBA reg name is Commander In Chief. Gucci produced Maple. Ghost throws some wonderful traditional pitbulls.

Ghost is from TBo and Game Face. Her light color comes from Champion Trailer who is sired by Grand Champion Scruffy. Scruffy had a similar color to Ghost. Like most Pitbulls, Ghost has the ability to have a good idea what you are thinking. Its close to ESP

There is some irony to the light red color Ghost has. Unlike other breeds, the APBT was not bred to be a certain size or color. When someone breeds strictly for color they can be considered by some as being “color blind”. We do love the look of our red nose APBTs’, however just because a dog has a black dog in his pedigree does not mean we will cut him off from our line.

Grand Champion Scruffy had a black nosed, black dog in his pedigree. His name was Snakeman’s Pedro. By allowing this black nose American Pit Bull Terrier to be in our line, we made it stronger. Scruffy came with Snakeman’s Pedro in his pedigree. If Scruffy is used you are adding a dog who has a black nose, black coloerd Pit Bull in his pedigree. Again, breeders of the true APBT should be “color blind”. This breed was bred for heart, not looks. The looks are just icing on the cake. Our line is easy on the eyes, that is for sure.

The OFR back in our pedigree help to make the line we have today. One of our pups took “Best OFR” at an ADBA show.