Game Face

Game Face Produced Triditional Red Nose Pitbull Puppies For Sale.

Game Face and Second have Bass Tramp Redboy in their pedigree. Their sire is Escobedo and their dame is Double Time. Game Face and her sister Second were taken to “puppy socialization” classes at PetCo. Our dogs love people and are not overly dog aggressive, however because we added some old school APBT blood upclose in our pedigree it was a little more important to socialize our little Pitbull puppies with other dogs. Game Face really enjoyed going from person to person saying high. She could care less about the puppies people brought and was not interested in playing with them. Being the sterotype of her breed, she was ALL about the people and did not spend any time playing with other puppies. Even though she did not want to play with the other dogs, it was still good for her to socialize wuth them.

Game Face is a little more muscular than her sister Second. She is also more on the serious side, hence her name “Game Face”. Three of her pups were influental in order to keep our line strong and steadfast. There is Ghost, the light red Pitbull with an extra ability to read what you are thinking (common for this line, however she borders on ESP). Game Face’s pup Liz is on the protective side for our line, however she is extra loving. Then there is Dottie. Dottie is a big ham and just loves to push herself aginst you when she gives hugs. These dogs are pure bred American Pit Bull Teriers’. Its sad to see how many “Pit Bulls” out there are cross bred. Here at Humboldt Pit Bulls, we only have pure bred red nose pitbull puppies for sale.

Even Pitbulls that Sorrells and Woods had would on occasion get fleas. If you have been struggling with fleas on your red nose APBT, or red nose pit bull puppies, here may be just what you have been looking for. This old American Pit Bull breeders diet remedy may help. The better the diet is, the better the coat of your American Pitbull Terrier will be. This helps keep fleas away as well as promote the over all health of the American Pitbull. One of the old time dog breeders in California wrote in the 1996 vol 20 Pit Bull Gazette about a raw food diet. *Caution should be used if a raw diet is chosen for your OFRN Pit Bull and red nose pit bull puppies.

In the Pitbull article from The American Dog Breeders Association Pit Bull Gazette, here is what was used; 35% natural organic grains, brown rice, barley, fruits (apples, etc.), vegetables (carrots, cauliflower, cabbage, zucchini, etc.) and 30% fresh raw hormone free meat, with at least 20% fat included. It is said that beef is good for your Red Nose APBT, chicken is better (you may want to treat it to kill bacteria). Sorrells and Woods Pit Bulls had plenty of extra high energy food when growing up. This keeps the APBT in top shape. If you want to learn about tips the Pitbull, learn from dog breeders of the past. I have heard of dog breeders with female Pitbulls having almost twice as many pit bull puppies for sale because of a raw food diet. Here at Humboldt Pit Bulls, we are well aware of tips form the past for the best health of your APBT. With this diet, you must add one tablespoon of food quality, bone meal per pound of meat and mix it in nice and ground up. I myself found that cooked Buffalo along with fish oil capsules (to help the coat) is a favorite for the APBT. The recipe continues here: The secret of maximizing this formula is two fold. First, when cooking the grains you add at least 40% more water then normal and cook about 40% longer until very mushy oatmeal. Second, you must chop up the vegetables into the smallest pieces possible – easily done – food processor. The reason for this is that the American Pit Bull has a shorter digestive tract then humans and cannot digest grains or vegetables as well as we do. Eggs are a great addition to the diet for both red nose pit bull puppies and for your adult OFRN Pit Bull. The whites have to be cooked until they begin to harden and turn white. Also, you can vary the ingredients for your APBT occasionally as you see fit, with various healthy grains, seasoned vegetable and organ meats (cooked liver works great). red nose American Pitbulls need a diet that contains about 35% total fat, so add several tablespoons of good vegetable oil with each meal. This diet produced visible results almost immediately and is a natural flea repellent that works! The extra time and expense is more than made up by the savings fighting off fleas.”