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Care for your red nose pitTips for training pitbulls

“The keeping of Rednose Pitbull Puppies and Dogs is a serious responsibility. It requires the owner to have an appreciation of the Pitbull breed.” In order to keep your Rednose Pitbull Puppies and Pitbull dogs healthy and happy, they need plenty of love. For quality Pitbull care, Pitbulls also need good food and exercise. For the vast majority of people who have purchase a dog from Pitbull Kennels, its the latter that is the most difficult. Pitbulls thrive on training. It is just a matter of spending the time with your APBT.

TIP– Do Road/Treadmill Work With Your Pitbull. When the APBT has been out running and playing, he comes home happy and most of all tired. It is hard to walk your Rednose Pitbull Puppies and Dogs enough to where they have had a good work out. To maintain the best pitbull health, compensate for this Some people do road work with their dog running along side a bike or car. If you do not live in an area where that is appropriate, you may want to think about buying/building a treadmill and incorporate it into the training of your Pitbull. An old treadmill mill for humans works great to keep your pitbull in good health. I have yet to own one, however during those rainy Winter months in Northern California, the thought has crossed my mind more than once. My Pitbull puppies and dogs tend to get a little out of shape during the Winter. Cesar Millian from the from the TV program The Dog Whisper often suggests the use of a treadmill in the training of Pitbulls. Cesar knows plenty about the care for Rednose Pitbull puppies and dogs. He has delt with sick Pitbull puppies before. Cesar preaches that healthy rednosed Pitbull puppies come from proper care. Healthy rednosed Pitbull puppies do not come by accident. Good Pitbull care and Pitbull nutrition is woth its weight in gold from puppy to adult dog. Proper training of your APBT will keep your Pitbull dog in a healthy, sound and body and mind. Consistent training of your Pitbulls will help cut down the chances of having Sick Pitbull Puppies.

There is no substitute for bonding with your rednose Pitbull Puppies and pitbull dogs in the outdoors. I have read about pitbulls who keep mindlessly “walking” after being lifted off of a treadmill. The Pitbull Kennels had dogs that were just moving like a machines. Along with proper Pitbull nutrition, a pleasant walk with your dog helps their mind to grow. During Pitbull training, your Pitbull Puppies are able to pick up all of the sights and smells that allows them to develope into a well experienced pitbull. Having a whole bunch of pitbull kennels and exercising with only a treadmill is just cruel to a Pitbull in my op onion. There are many dog backpacks available to help maintain correct Pitbull health. You may have them cary their own water, or just sand for weight. This will help to maintain a strong and healthy Bulldog.

As far as dog food goes, you are better off paying a little more and giving your pet a high quality diet than buying a cheap product and letting him “free feed” (free feed means letting your dog eat all he or she wants). The APBT is a breed should be kept slender. My best results have come from using “Taste of the Wild” brand dog food. All of their dog food lines are made from human grade ingredients. I know someone who visited their company first hand and was very pleased with their operation. She sampled food right off of their dog food processing tables. The “Wild Salmon” used in conjunction with red meat, fruits and vegetables seems to work best for my American Pit Bull Terriers’. Their “Bison” and “Fowl” are also a good choice. The “Wild Salmon” makes a dogs coat shine. If you are not able to purchase “Wild Salmon” dog food from “Taste of the Wild”, try adding a daily fish oil capsule to your dogs diet.

Here is another tip on APBT food. When feeding your Red Nose APBT and Pitbull puppies, avoid dog food with corn as the main source. As a matter of fact, try to avoid dog food with any corn in it what so ever. Corn meal is used as a filler and some dogs are allergic to it. Any Pitbull Bloodline should avoid corn. Lamb, bison, venison, beef and chicken are great for your Show Pitbull. We have found that “Foul” is also super for every red nose APBT Stud and all of our Pitbull Puppies. With a diet based on the above ingredients, your dog will have a high drive and will be ready for some serious exercise. Another tip to have a “Show Pitbull” look is to supplement the raw chicken with raw beef hearts, some fresh ground green tripe and beef brisket. Only use a little beef heart and slice it thin. Even though beef liver makes your dogs coat shine, and heart is super for them, organ meats should be used sparingly. A slice of beef brisket one or two times a week will thrill your red nose APBT, as well as help coat and muscle development. Use the stinky green kind of beef tripe. Do not use the white or bleached tripe. This stinky stuff is full of digestive enzymes as well as vitamins. It is great for a Show Pitbull, or APBT Stud, to help him absorb his food better. When feeding your dog green tripe, use about a quarter pound or so. Additional supplements are also available to increase the health and energy of your Pitbull and Pit Bull puppies. Try a high quality fish meal. Add about a tablespoon or two into your dogs food once a day. It has a little over 60% protein and is very digestible.

In order to help prevent fleas and worms, or stop mange, try this: An old natural remedy may be used. It is the use of neem oil. Neem oil gathered from the Neem tree is becoming more and more popular. According to the old Pitbull breeders, any plant that grows underground has properties that drive worms out. By adding just a little neem oil extract (just a few drops in their dog food one time a week), it keeps worms and fleas out of your Pitbull.

Remember, just a few drops a week. Neem is available in an oil solution that should be added to your dog shampoo of choice in order to get rid of any mange. The mange mites absolutely hate the neem oil. Apply some neem oil directly to the worst mange spots. It also helps to keep fleas and ticks off of your dog. The Neem tree is quite the tree. Its funny how humans find natural remedies, learn to synthesis them, just to find out that the natural form is the way to go in the long run. All you need to do is wash your dog in this oil with the shampoo of your choice