Our American Red Nose Pits are Beautiful Specimens – They Have Been Produced Here at Humboldt Pit Bulls – Pitbull Terrier Breeder’s who Breed Traditional OFRN style dogs

The female red nose APBTs' of Humboldt Pit Bulls

Here are the main Red Rednose females of Humboldt Pit Bulls. Each dog has the APBT attitude and looks all rolled up into one. They have produced pitbull puppies for sale that are as good as they come. We are proud pitbull breeders in CA with our own line based off of Bert Sorrells dogs.

If there is a pitbull for sale that you are considering on purchasing, keep in mind that female Pitbulls tend to fit in with a family who already has dogs better than a male dog does. As red nose American Pit Bull Terrier breeders, we have noticed that female red nose pit puppies just seem to be able to adapt to a hierarchy better than males do. Two pure bred male pitbull dogs are not always a problem living together, but they are more of a challenge. Both adult males and females tend to love playing with Pit Bull puppies.

Once you have found the perfect Pitbull for sale, you may decide to work out your American Red Nose Pit by weight pulling. He will most likely love it. Now and then, there is an APBT that does not want to pull weight. Use a dog backpack for walks in that case. A basic training tip from pit bull breeders is to load up a cart with weight, put your Pit Bull in his harness, and just go for it! Carts are a necessity for your basic heavy duty pulling. Red nose Pit Bull puppies should wait until about one year of age before weights are used. Female red nose Pit Bulls and male red nose Pitbulls alike are happier when they have had plenty of exercise. When pulling with your dog, the “fast twitch” muscle is used. Its called fast twitch because it is fast and explosive. When Pitbull dogs work this muscle, it becomes more oxidative which allows the Pitbull Terrier to maintain flurries longer than a Pitbull Terrier that does not work the fast twitch fibers. The APBT maintains flurries at a higher intensity and recovers faster from them when worked out in this manner. Again, avoid over training of the American Red Nose Pit, it needs to be cycled. This information came from Bob Stevens. It was out of the APBT article in the Spring 2003 American Pit Bull Terrier Gazette-The issue of the American Pit Bull Terrier Gazette that our dogs are on the cover of.

If you have any questions about pit puppies, or pitbull dogs, just ask. Some owners of American pit bull terriers want to find nutritional supplement for their dogs. As a Pitbull Terrier Breeders, we like to use beef liver, krill oil, fish oil, olive oil and coconut oil with a great diet for the APBT. However I have read in the American pit bull terrier Gazette that an herb called Rhodiola, collected at 14,000 feet in the Himalayas, has been proven to improve aerobic performance (Spring American Pit Bull Terrier Gazette 2003). There are pit bull breeders who give potent human supplements to their Pitbull for sale as well as their pitbull dogs. All red nose pit bull puppies from Humboldt Pit Bulls have been feed a 100% natural diet. Pit puppies from us grow up feeding from not one, but two female red nose Pit Bulls! If one female has a litter, an older female will also produce milk when she hears crying. Nature is a trip!