Chisel II

Chisel II, reg. name Torpedo, is on the large side for our line.

The sire to Chisel II is TJ. His dame is Liz. Like all of our Red Red Nose Pit Bulls, Chisel II, the Red Nose American Pit Bull Terrier Stud Dog, has a pedigree stright out of the historical Pit Bull books. His background consists of: Garners CH Chinaman; Sorrell’s CH Bubba-Boe; Sorrell’s CH Joe Testiment; Sorrell’s STP; Clayton’s Eli Jr.; Hydes Bloody Sunday; Crenshaw’s Rascal; Hall’s Duke and Bass Tramp Redboy just to name a few. His sire is Lightfoot Jr and his dame is Liz. Our red nose American Pitbull Terriers’ are currently open for public stud.



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