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Red Nose Pit Bull Stud CA Garner's CH Chinaman APBT puppy

L.B. the Red Nose Pit Bull Stud Dog in CA has Garner's CH Chinaman - Every APBT Puppy from L.B. is 100% Old School


  LB red nose pit bull stud dog has Garners CH Chinaman Sorrells Sailor APBT puppy from Chisel producing old school red nose pit bullsLB red nose American Pit Bull CA Pit Bull breeders Red nose Pit Bull stud dog CH Chinaman Sorrells CH Sailor Sorrells Rasin Sorrells Hard Eyes  

Like all of our Red Red Nose Pit Bulls, L.B. the Red Nose American Pit Bull Terrier Stud Dog has a pedigree stright out of the historical Pit Bull books. His background consists of: Garners CH Chinaman; Sorrell's CH Bubba-Boe; Sorrell's CH Joe Testiment; Sorrell's STP; Clayton's Eli Jr.; Hydes Bloody Sunday; Crenshaw's Rascal; Hall's Duke, just to name a few. His papa is Carver and his momma is Pandora. Carver is extremely friendly and protects kids. Pandora may be the biggest sweet heart on Earth (and the most dominate LOL, she sounds like a male when she barks - which is very rare).



L.B. climbs trees that no other dog has ever climbed in the over decade that I have been breeding the traditional red nose APBT; he has the perfect bite that allows him to hang off the rope for long periods; L.B. is smart and an absolute sweetheart; L.B. is the nicest dam dog; he is super, super fun (very playful wanting to please) he is just a very happy, happy dog; L.B. is strong as an ox and loves to pull weights with his harness; L.B. is Thaylens half brother (they have the same mom, however Thaylens papa is Trailer Trash). L.B. is about 65 lbs.


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"CH"Trailer Trash"







Here is a Pit Bull Training Tip: Set Up A Spring Pole for your Pitbull Terrier and Use A Flirt Pole for your Red Red Nose Pit Bulls. Having seen a few Pit Kennels, I know the breed loves to hang from ropes, leather, tires, etc. This is typically called a "Spring Pole". Its always fun to watch the enthusiasm of an American Red Nose playing with a rope. The APBT can hang up in the air holding onto their toy for long periods of time. Pit kennels like Sorrells, Garners and Crenshaws all knew well the benefit of the spring pole. Taking Pitbull pictures of your dogs in these types of activities is always a blast. As Red Nose breeders, I know how fun it is to take some good photos of your APBT at play. I went to a leather store and purchased some scrap leather for my Pitbull Stud. First you punch a hole in one end of the leather and tie a rope through the hole. Next, tie the other end of the rope around a stable branch on a tree that had some "play" in it. Now your dog is ready for his new toy. If you already have a Sorrells or Garners APBT, give it a try. I know my American Red Nose Pitbull stud dogs just love it. There are all kinds of toys geared towards pit kennels.


All Red Nose breeders know the more play time, the happier the APBT. Here is what Richard Stratton had to say about the Spring Pole in the book "This is the American Pit Bull Terrier". On pages 157 and 158 he writes "The arrangement is a long sapling pole propped up from the ground near its base. A rope hangs from the end of the pole with a hide dangling from it. A Pit Bull loves to jump up and grab the hide, hang from it, and shake it (or shake himself, sense he is hanging from the hide!). A more common setup is to suspend a rope from a tree, tie it to a garage door-type spring, then run some more rope down to the ride. As far as that goes, it is not even necessary to have a hide or coonskin, as a pair of old overalls will do almost as well!" A flirt pole is a tool used in training Pitbulls. Pit Kennels use this technique to get your Rednose Pitbull Puppies and Pitbull dogs to jump up high in the air. It is kind of like one of those cat toys that cats try and catch, but larger. When the dog jumps up in the air to try and catch the "flirt toy", his hind quarters are used aggressively. This creates a great work out with in just minutes of use.

LB-Red Nose Pit Bull stud CA Garners CH Chinaman APBT puppy Rd nose pit stud Sorrells CH Sailor Raisin Hard Eyes Old School red pit puppies for sale    
  Enjoy the pitbull pictures. If you have any questions about pitbull kennels, or American Red Nose Pitbull Stud service, contact me at (707)822-2343. My other Telephone/Text number is (707)672-9293. All American Red Nose Pitbull stud dogs and pitbull puppies are ADBA registered.  






















































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