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  The beautiful look of a OFRN American Pit Bull Terrier is something else. With their intelligence, loyalty and strength, APBTs' make other dogs seem incompetent. Not to mention, from red nose pit bull puppies to full grown adult, our dogs are creatures of beauty. Our American pit bull terrier stud dogs are a proud part of the U.S.A.. Red Nose Pitbulls for sale from Humboldt Pit Bulls are keeping alive an American legacy. One look at a OFRN Pit Bull and it is easy to see why. The APBT is very stoic. Even as puppies, our Pit Bull dogs hold their ground while playing. Its funny to watch pit bull puppies for sale just going at it rough housing. After playing hard, the momma Red Nose Pit Bull comes and gets the "kids" to relax. While you are browsing Red Nose Pit Bull photos on HumboldtPitBulls.Com, please visit our history page. There you will find photos of Stubby the war dog. Our History of the APBT page has links to written info. on helpful Bull dogs of the past whose service was invaluable to the thousands of our fighting forces in wars the U.S.A. was involved in.  
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  A quick note on training Red Nose Pitbulls. If you want an American Pit Bull Terrier's focus and concentration to increase, try high intensity training (H.I.T.). This work out is not for Pit Bull puppies. Red nose Pit Bull puppies should wait until about 1 year of age before a hard core APBT work out. However for adult dogs it is a methodology for maximizing the athletic effects of time put into working out your red nose Pit Bull. The APBT training program was developed by Bob Fritz (founder of Peak Performance Products for sale). The American Pit Bull Terrier H.I.T. work out develops an enhanced ability to clear the lactic acids. For a OFRN Pit Bull, or any Pit Bull Dogs, this is great for the body. A hard work out on the APBT stud dogs also helps to stimulate and reach explosive fast twitch muscle fibers. This is why some Red Nose Pitbulls are able to burn fat and accelerate metabolism so easy. Only work out your APBT on this program 2 to 3 times a week.  
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I give a personal "Thank You" to all of the Pitbull breeders throughout history who made these red nose American Pit Bull Terrier Studs and Pit Bull Terrier puppies possible. I would also like to thank American Dog Breeders Association ADBA for all of the years of dedication to the American Pit Bull Terrier and the Pit Bull Gazette. Enjoy the pitbull pictures. While you are here, take time to watch a pitbull video. If you have any questions about Pitbull kennels, stud service or the OFR just ask. For currrent red nose Pit Bull puppies for sale, contact me at (707)822-2343. My other Telephone/Text number is (707)672-9293. I may also be contacted by email at All stud dogs and pitbull puppies are ADBA registered. We are APBT dog breeders in California.



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